04 | 06 | 2020
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Webcamfirst captures images from any webcam device using USB. It can be used as a Surveillance System to watch your home, office, children, pets or anything else.

The program has a Motion Detection feature. When it detects motion in the monitored area, it can sound an alarm, upload images to your website or e-mail  captured images.

Key features - Webcamfirst free edition -

  •     Works with webcams on USB (Windows compatible capture device)
  •     Takes images periodically
  •     Takes images when it detects motion on a predefined zone
  •     Titles captured images
  •     Time stamps captured images
  •     Distributes images on the network
  •     Uploads images to a website using FTP protocol
  •     Emails captured images
  •     Record captured images
  •     Sounds an alarm or any music when it detects motion
  •     Can start automatically at system boot
  •     Multilanguages interface (see dictionaries)
  •     Manage up to 9 Webcams




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